Coaching Sessions

The coaching conversations are collaborative, strategic and receptive. Sessions are 45 minutes and focus on review of personality profile and defining goals in terms of strengths and aspirations. 

Subsequent coaching sessions will focus on problem-solving and on feedback. The conversations will also highlight the principles discussed in the group.

Man and woman dressed in business attire sitting down and having a formal conversation
Men sitting down around a table putting pieces of a big puzzle together


The best leaders ask for feedback. That is because receiving feedback is essential to their growth. During our coaching sessions, we will provide constructive feedback to individuals to help raise their level of performance. We will work on reinforcing change or a specific pattern of behavior.


Problem-solving is a valuable and desired skill in the workforce. A leader’s success is partially defined by their ability to solve problems. Like any skill, problem-solving can be learned, practiced and perfected. During our coaching sessions, we will empower individuals with effective problem-solving techniques to help them feel more confident when facing difficult issues, and to help them achieve optimum results.

The coaching conversations are designed to:

Yield improved performance

Increase personal satisfaction

Inspire commitment to excellence

Foster leadership and professional development