Bridges for Excelling Leaders

A powerful, game-changing leadership course and coaching program for directors and managers.

BridgesXL coaching and experiential-based training will equip you to become a more self-aware, engaged, results-driven leader.  As a leader, you will gain valuable insights to build a resilient team that will help you be prepared, decisive, and confident in an age of ambiguity.



Professional Development

The professional development program equips all employees to improve their communication and negotiation skills, conflict management and problem-solving skills to learn how to strike a better work-life balance, and to identify their motivations.

Leadership Training

This program offers active engagement that leads to mastery of set skills in communication, identifying motives and triggers, servant leadership, conflict management, problem solving and effective leadership.


One on One Coaching

This program is designed for leaders to provide support and tools that will assist them in strengthening and growing their teams.

Online Webinars

You are leading with complex economic and resource constraints. These tumultuous times require that we adopt the qualities of mindful leaders who embody leadership presence by cultivating focus, clarity, creativity, and compassion in the service of others.

The Tradeoffs of Tough Decisions


In this clip, CEO Dr. Alicia La Hoz and Senior Vice President Susana Pichardo discuss pain avoidance and the cost of not making a decision. Watch as they motivate listeners to understand how lack of decision-making or the fear to make a decision can bring frustration, anger, and disengagement to the team and paralyze the organization from moving forward.

The Mindful Leader webinar series

Power your decisions and strategy by your vision

Good leaders not only affect a company’s bottom line, but also employee morale.

Companies take on the personality of their CEO, just as departments take on the personality of their director or manager. Good leadership helps shape positive attitudes, promotes harmony and facilitates maximum productivity.

Increased employee engagement leads to:

Positive work culture

Increased Productivity & Profitability

Reduction in Employee Turnover

Increased Commitment to the Organization

BridgesXL offers leadership development training with options to accommodate diverse skills, experience and aspirations.
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