About the program

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Good leaders not only affect a company’s bottom line, but also employee morale.

Companies take on the personality of their CEO, just as departments take on the personality of their director or manager. Good leadership helps shape positive attitudes, promotes harmony and facilitates maximum productivity. The truth is that all leaders face a myriad of challenges, regardless of industry or department. And most are not equipped to handle those challenges well.

It’s true that many leadership development trainings exist, but very few have long-term effects/benefits.

BridgesXL is a leadership program tailor-made for the challenges that directors and managers have in today’s business world. It’s built to help directors and managers communicate more effectively, prioritize and make sound decisions, implement creative thinking techniques to solve problems, and harness team members’ strengths to create greater value.

BridgesXL arms leaders with actionable strategies and practical knowledge that they can implement on day one. But it doesn’t stop there. For one year, BridgesXL will provide quarterly one-on-one coaching, monthly webinars, and weekly tips and reminders.

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Studies indicate that:

32 percent of an organization’s employee turnover can be avoided through better leadership

Better leadership can generate a 3-4 percent improvement in customer satisfaction

Better leadership practices could eliminate 5-10 

Poor leadership practices cost companies an amount equivalent to approximately 8 percent of annual revenues.

So, what makes BridgesXL different?

We're flexible

The material is tailored to meet the needs of your company. We offer face-to-face and webinar classes.

We're built on best practices

We accommodate the different learning styles and apply our research of how people change.

We're holistic

Each model furthers the participants’ understanding of all components and how they are influenced by bio-psycho-social factors.

We're experienced

Our instructors are knowledgeable professionals.

We're up-to-date

Our material is relevant. Our instructors know industry trends.

We're practical

Our trainings are hands-on. Each module has a strong emphasis on application.