Omaira Gonzalez

Omaira Gonzalez, COO of BXL, currently also serves as Chief Operating Officer for Family Bridges, where she has worked for over 8 years. Through her leadership she developed the mentoring curriculum “Marriage Champions” in collaboration with grassroots leaders in the Pilsen community in Chicago. This mentoring program for couples has been implemented in over 15 communities and faith-based institutions. 

Gonzalez launched a leadership university in 2017 for staff and management focused on performance improvement, employee relations, diversity, talent retention, and change readiness, which is expanding to include Phoenix, Wisconsin, Dallas, and Florida. Her previous experience was in the field of banking as a mortgage officer and CSR Manager. She is currently leading a successful real estate business with her husband. Gonzalez’s latest program, Bridgekeepers, provides mentorship to college students, women leaders, staff, and management to strengthen their skills, competencies, and capabilities through various vehicles: one-on-one coaching, leadership trainings, and workshops.

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